Pathron GT Alu Multientry 2020 Splitboard Bindingen

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Pathron GT Alu Multientry 2020 Splitboard Bindingen

Size: M (40-43)
Size: L (42-44)
Size: XL (44-47)

  • Allmountain / Freeride
  • Splitboard Ready bindings
  • Multientry: Fastec and standard ratchet system
  • Highback: Lightweight fibre - Rotatable - Asymmetrical - Tool-less Forward Lean Adjustment
  • 3D Tech Ankle Strap: provides increased ride comfort with no pressure marks, as it adapts perfectly to the profile of the boots
  • Toe CAP-Strap: 3d EVA ultra light tech
  • Manual adjustment of straps
  • Footbed: dual density E.V.A. foam
  • Base: PH7002 aluminum - integrated split slide rail
  • EVO-ratchets
  • EVA footbed
  • Spare Parts Not included! Bindings-Only

Splitboard Ready. the aluminum base is prepared for the two different mounting options on splitboard (no hardware/parts included)

Multientry system: a hybrid of Fastec and the normal ratchet system. This ensures that you really get into your bindings in every situation.

Fastec System: With the Fastec binding the highback has to be opened and folded backwards. When folding down the highback raises the strap. Then you go into the binding and close the highback. The big advantage is the quick exit from the binding. All you have to do is open the ankle strap and the highback. Fast, convenient and uncomplicated




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